devotes itself to provide a safe service to our clients. To comply with AML(Anti Money Laundering) /CTF(Counter-Terrorism Financing), and KYC (Know Your Customer) rules, requires its clients to verify identity before using its service.

All your personal information will be held strictly confidential and used only for verification purposes, in accordance with our privacy policy.

Please note the age of BaRobin’s customers must be at least 18 years old.

To finish the customer verification, please login and submit:

1)Personal Identity detail verify: A scanned copy of a valid Government ID or Passport or driver’s license which includes the customer’s signature. If the ID does not include the signature add a scanned copy of a valid passport showing the signature.

2)Utility bill for address verify: A scanned copy of a recent bill(within 3 months) where your name, address are visible. Such as Electricity Bill, Water bill, Telephone Bill, Sewage Bill, Gas bill, Tax assessment, Bank account statement or letter from a recognized bank, building society or Credit Card Company (True Copy certified by the issuer STAMP + SIGNATURE).


1)All images submitted must be scan files of paper documents, not any electronic bills or online screenshots.

2)All images submitted should be entirely and clearly visible. Your understanding and cooperation is appreciated.